Due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in Florida, we are cancelling Sentinel Summit this year.
Sentinel Summit was going to be an amazing opportunity to connect, learn and organize.
We are looking for new opportunities to share the spirit and information in a creative way with you and all of Sentinel Nation.
I hope you will join the entire Heritage Action team with keeping the devastation and recovery of Florida in your thoughts and prayers.
Because plans change, here are some next steps you should take:
Cancel Hotel Reservation:
If you have hotel reservations, you can call the Hyatt and cancel with no charge at any point today.
Their phone number is 888-421-1442
Cancel your travel plans:
Most flights should be covered under cancellation policies for natural disaster.
Contact your airlines directly to cancel your travel plans today.
Registration Fee:
We will be automatically refunding your registration fee so no action is needed.
We will follow up with a recommendation of a local charity that you can donate your registration fee too
if you would like to give back to the relief effort in Florida.
Please contact or your regional coordinator if you have any questions, concerns or if there is anything we can be helpful with to help you re-adjust your plans.
Once a year, Sentinels from all across the country come together to strategize, energize and build the conservative movement to be even stronger than before. 
Join us for Heritage Action's 4th Annual Sentinel Summit in Orlando, Florida.
You’ll receive exclusive trainings and engage in meaningful conversations as we face new policy battles and transition from being on defense under eight years of Obama, to offense alongside a Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump Administration.

This event is one you won’t want to miss!

Strategize with fellow Sentinels. Engage with inspiring leaders. Share your insights.